Doctor Visor returns with a stunning new EP!

The weather bureau is calling it 'the most vicious storm of the century’. They don’t know how right they are!

„Watch the Skies”, the long-awaited mini-album picks up where previous Doctor Visor’s release ended – at the Old Cemetery! The threat of The Old Ones manifests itself in the skies! Only the Doctor knows how to stop it. But to do that he will have to overcome his fears and become the man he was destined to be…

Make room for original horror synths infused with heavy metal influences. All electronic, all epic, all exciting! An absolute banger of a record proving that there is no other artist like Doctor Visor. So prepare to be afraid, be very afraid!

Check it out for yourself. Here’s the single „Out of Time” promoting the mini-album:

The EP was released on December 8, through Via Nocturna
You can pre-order it here:


01. At the Old Cemetery
02. The Silhouette of Doom
03. Miskatonic Mysteries
04. Watch the Skies!
05. Out of Time
06. The Eclipse

01. Nightrun87 – The Destroyers are Coming (Doctor Visor Remix)
02. Sznur – Popłód (Doctor Visor Remix)

All music written, recorded and mixed by Doctor Visor at Miskatonic University, Arkham, MA.
Mastered by Arkadiusz „Aro” Jablonski at Monroe Sound Studio.
Cover art by Pawel Kuranda
Logo design by Irina Modblackmoon
Layout design by Fabian Filiks

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